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Let’s Keep Live Worms Gallery ALIVE!!


Live Worms is much more than a gallery; it’s a treasured gathering place for local artists, writers, musicians, neighbors and visitors that’s infused with the Bohemian Ethos for which North Beach is famous. It’s the last gallery space left standing in this culturally rich neighborhood, a major thread in our creative fabric. Help us throw open the doors, hang ART back on the walls, and reconnect with the community. We have a wonderful opportunity in these challenging times to bring Live Worms back to life again and we need your support.


Funds raised will be used straight away to install a sorely needed lighting upgrade, invest in a basic sound system and to purchase folding chairs/benches for event seating. Also in the plans - creating tables to multi-function as both art pedestals and as social gathering points both inside the gallery and in our overflow space outside.


To thrive during this Pandemic Limbo and into the beyond requires our thinking outside the ART box. We’ll continue to rent out the gallery for exhibitions while also seeking individuals/groups to host workshops, meetings, drawing sessions & literary readings – we welcome all ideas.



No donation is too small – all donations greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth Ashcroft is a North Beach artist who, along with a dedicated cadre of local artists, friends & community members, is willing to take on this challenge. In the spirit of gallery founder Kevin Brown, Elizabeth considers her role will be that of a “Working Artist/Caretaker” and she will be switching her metaphorical BERETS often!


We will be updating the gallery website regularly with art shows & event schedules. You will also  discover the history of 1345 Grant and that of our neighbors and information about Elizabeth & those helping her bring Live Worms back from the brink!


How to Donate

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