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Altered Books Sculptural

Dissected Library: Relief, Fragments

Endless,Asking,Arcane    (triptych)
Letter Fall

I enjoy using every facet of the book as a building block to create both wall and freestanding sculptural pieces. In the ongoing Open Book series, I enjoy the act of perusing the pages and choosing words and phrases to cut, fold, and spill out of the permanently fanned out book leafs – my own form of editing if you will. An opportunity to create a new fluttering narrative of randomly chosen segments of someone else’s story – not a formal narrative but one where one’s eye flicks among the words, finding unique links between the strips, and thus in turn connecting and reconnecting into subsequent narrative tiers. In addition to the essence of the word play, their physical presence creates interesting spatial relationships, patterns and shadows.

Whisper, Lost To Sorrow
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