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Minds & Hearts  ~  A February Exhibition

Friday, January 28th thru Sunday, February 20th


Participation Fee:  $100 (venmo, zelle)   $110 (paypal, credit card)


Number of Artists: 10 to12 +/-

Display: Up to 5/6 pieces each *

(imagine a hang space of 6’ wide x 4’ deep – your work should fit comfortably within this space - though it may not all hang together, this will not be a ‘salon style’ hang)


Gallery Percentage: 30% of purchase price

Price Point: TWO pieces can be $400-$600, the balance under $400

(I would like a varied price range so that we can appeal to a wide range of purchasers)


Art Drop off will be:

#1__Sunday, January 23rd, noon-2           #2 __ Monday, January 24th, 11-1   

(or by appt. before January 21st)


Art Pick up will be: Sunday, February 20th, 5pm


Minds & Hearts, Hearts & Minds…..what art is produced without tapping into these essential parts of us?

And how does the viewer experience your art meaningfully without it touching their mind and their heart?


This is not a theme about utilizing certain imagery associated with the ‘mind’ or the ‘heart’ though that would be fine. The title is more a general comment about where our creative ideas arise from and how we, as artists, want those ideas to reach the viewer. It’s not about genre, medium, mood, materials, subject matter. I’m looking for an interesting range of artworks & mediums that will complement each other in quality and thoughtfulness. Though your works do not need to constitute a ‘series’ per say, they should hang well together as a group.


Personally, I had a small solo show one February a few years back, and, on a whim, ventured into a series of heart shaped opened-flat altered books - a year and a half later, I ended up with a whole series – these things can happen!


Art should be:

  • Ready-To-Hang with Hanging Wire

  • If Framed (as opposed to free hanging panel/canvas), frames should work well together – i.e. not a mish-mash of found frames - unless the frames have an ‘artful’ similarity or form an integral part of the artwork in a meaningful way

  • Have wall label info attached to the back


*Feel free to contact me regarding artworks that may not match the display guidelines – contact me via email & we can discuss….


Acceptance will be on a first come basis - if you are interested, let me know as soon as possible.

  1. Email me that you’re interested along with a selection of works

  2. I will then send along the links to remit the fee and submit your wall labels via the website

  3. And then via email: You may submit two jpegs for use on the website / marketing

  4. AND a paragraph about you/art statement/about process, whatever you like

PLEASE – JPEGs should be titled with your last name and hint of artwork title! (i.e. ashcroft_art_heart)

If you are not interested / can’t participate this time – a response to that effect is always appreciated.


Reminders: The gallery has the required injury liability insurance - artists are responsible for insuring their art


Communications about the show will primarily be conducted via EMAIL.

Feel free to phone me (415-263-8959) but please follow with a TEXT if I do not pick up

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you, Regards, ElizaBeth


North Beach First Friday: February 4, 5-8pm

Regular Hours: Thursday 3-6, Friday & Saturday 3-7, Sunday 2-5