A few words from the artist Walker Hollenbeck

A biographical sketch naturally includes some basic information about the subject's life, but mine has been largely unremarkable, and so I'll get right to the art.


When l paint it is rarely with a theme in mind, and in fact l prefer to avoid the big issues altogether. But this has proven to be nearly impossible in practice. Sometimes I'll see a photo l like and will try to capture its essence on canvas. Afterwards, l may have a "Eureka" moment and think of a fitting title. And that immediately immerses the painting into the real world, of conflict and controversy and contentiousness. Without intending to, l have brought theme into the picture.


The painting "The Lady with the Dog" began life with the simple plan to paint a dog, any dog. But once it was complete I realized that it spoke to me of a certain Chekhov love story. And so, almost against my will, l had struck upon the timeless themes of love and passion and society's notions of right and wrong.


I rarely feel as alive--excited and content at once--as when there's a paintbrush in my hand. I only hope that this is evident on the canvas now and then.

1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

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