A few words from the artist Tisha Kenny

Tisha is a San Francisco artist, Ikenobo Ikebana floral designer, and retired health professional. She studied numerous visual art media with a focus primarily on Japanese and Chinese brush painting, studying for 20 years under Professor Lampo Leong and Master Kan Kwok Fan. She holds 11 degrees from the Ikenobo School of Ikebana.


Her art combines her love of Impressionism with Asian Brush Painting represented by colorful landscapes and flowers. Her "sumi-e" brush stroke paintings represent "many years of study captured in a single stroke". The impressionism style brings out her love of color and seeing its beauty in nature. Her medium of choice is Chinese Pigment watercolors on predominately rice paper.


Her paintings represent a number of different “journeys” in her life that are represented through landscapes of places visited and /or have been inspirational  to paint. They also represent spiritual journeys through the experience of just doing art, particularly studying brush painting and Ikebana flower arrangement. Both studies lead to representing life through “simplicity and depth” capturing this after years of study of technique and letting go to the present moment. 


Tisha has exhibited widely throughout the Bay Area and on the east coast with national and international collectors. She has participated in multiple Ikenobo Ikebana Special exhibits and studied in Japan. She was recently highlighted for her Ikenobo Ikebana expertise in the June 2017 GardenCollage.com published article.

As a Health Professional Tisha created the on-going, award winning Health Through Art Project in 1989 and recently self published her book, "Shifting Branches/Shifting Thoughts, Ikebana Art & Healing. The book is available through contacting Tisha.

1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

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