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Name of renter(s)

Date of rental

$xxxx total


*Payment Methods

Cash & Check – no fee

PayPal – plus fee of 3.49%

Square Credit Card –

Plus 2.9% in person, 3.5% hand entered via phone fee


*Please initial _______



__ $xxx paid upon agreement via _______________

__ $xxx balance on or before one week before rental

Wall Space: 70’ (+/-) length x 10’ height

Lighting sweet spot in 4-8’ range

Hang on white wall area only

Occupancy –25 people


*Hours – We suggest ending events at 9pm –

No later than 10 (residential apts. above)


*Please Initial  ______


*Hanging & Hardware

We have four walls with three different sub surfaces – wood paneling 100 years old, patched ‘soft’ wall (open to #1351 prior to 1998) & a hard back wall. We will go over best hanging hardware with you in person – i.e. smallest nails possible, best nails for ‘soft’ wall & hard wall.


*Please Initial  ______


*No writing on wall – use blue tape to mark measurements

*Labels – no puddy – adhere with blue or cellophane tape – Sticky labels that remove easily okay


*Please Initial  ______


Art Drop Off/Pick Up

Ideally find street parking nearby….

Alternative: Pull up to front of gallery, temporarily block traffic on Grant, and ferry work in from vehicle as a team OR temporarily pull into fire hydrant space at corner of Grant & Green, put on flashers, and quickly ferry into gallery from there


Off Street Parking

North Beach Garage on Vallejo (Stockton/Powell)

Lot on Green (Grant/Columbus – closest)

Lights –The lights are currently arranged to provide the best lighting for the hang area – Dave can adjust the lights* after your hang, if necessary. *Their lengthy drop from the ceiling which makes them fragile.

Light switch is by front door – turn on lights, push dials to the top/maximum, then fine tune by lowering dials 10-15% or so down from top. Return dials to bottom then switch lights off when leaving.

(Front Window, loft above front window – Lights on extension cords that plug into strip below window)


Electrical Outlets - One in front of gallery below display window with strips, one in back area, strip attached to the wall to your left


Ladders - One small 2 step and a 6ft


Public Transport/Walking Distance

Muni #30, #8, #39, #45 and #12 within 2 blocks

Bart, F Line, Cable Car, Ferry Building, FiDi, Wharf, Russian/Nob Hill - under a mile


Insurance – we have the required injury liability insurance on the gallery but the art is not insured


Liability for enforcing the COVID regulations required at time of your rental will rest with you, the renters.


Elizabeth’s Studio – And a reminder that Elizabeth’s studio is located in a loft at the back of the gallery and she reserves the right to access the gallery & work in her studio during your rental. She will not interfere with your plans or events.

Elizabeth & David Ashcroft – 415-263-8959

1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco


Renters and gallery proprietors have reviewed all relevant information pertaining to the rental agreement.


Renter(s):                                                                        Date:






Gallery:                                                                            Date

Elizabeth Ashcroft                                                  0/0/2023

David Ashcroft                                                         0/0/2023



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