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Kerouac Alley
Situated between Vesuvio's and the City Lights book store. Many a 'beat' could have been found smoking a 'cig' in this alley way in the 50s/60s. Look out for the iconic photo of Ginsberg and Dylan hanging out in the alley – don’t miss the quotes etched into the paving stones

Kerouac Alley

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Print sizes: the following sizes give the widest and tallest dimensions – individual sizes vary with dimensions of the original, i.e. if the drawing is a square shape vs. a rectangle

    Small:      8x10”   dark gray mat; Image up to 4” by up to 6”, hand signed,

    Medium:  11x14” dark gray mat; Image up to 7” by up to 9.75”, hand signed,

    Large:      14x 18” dark gray mat; Image up to 9.5” by up to 13”, hand signed,


    Materials: Photo R260 Epson & my new Epson Artisan 1430 Epson inkjet prints using

    Claria Hi-Definition ink (98 year life under glass), quality print papers, Crescent dark gray mat board, foam core backing, plastic sleeve

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