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Cafe Trieste
Reputed to be the first Espresso coffee house on the west coast opening in 1956. The quintessential bohemian heart of North Beach famous for the many writers (it is said Copolla wrote the “Godfather” screenplay here), poets and celebrities who’ve enjoyed a cup or two here. 
It should be noted that yours truly has two paintings of the city of Trieste high on the wall adjacent to the back side window!

Cafe Trieste

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Print sizes: the following sizes give the widest and tallest dimensions – individual sizes vary with dimensions of the original, i.e. if the drawing is a square shape vs. a rectangle

    Small:      8x10”   dark gray mat; Image up to 4” by up to 6”, hand signed,

    Medium:  11x14” dark gray mat; Image up to 7” by up to 9.75”, hand signed,

    Large:      14x 18” dark gray mat; Image up to 9.5” by up to 13”, hand signed,


    Materials: Photo R260 Epson & my new Epson Artisan 1430 Epson inkjet prints using

    Claria Hi-Definition ink (98 year life under glass), quality print papers, Crescent dark gray mat board, foam core backing, plastic sleeve

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