Located in the heart of North Beach                          

Our location on Upper Grant Avenue is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and history. We feature curated solo, group, themed and pop-up exhibitions. The occasional gallery rental requests will be considered.

Opening Hours

Thur              3-6pm

Fri/Sat           3-7pm

Sun               2-5pm

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Participating Artists:

Judith Thompson  

Anastasia Sofos 

Mary Southall

Javier Chalini  

Pamela Axelson 

Marco Razo

Kate Razo

Louise Diskerud

Susan Birnbaum

Elizabeth Ashcroft

J.B. Higgins

What the Beatniks Saw in North Beach

Like an old Roman road
Grant Avenue
one morning
Panama Canal Ravioli
sheets of dough dry on the marble table
dusted with flour
dusted with life

Wine flows like Roman fountains
downtown is at the other end of the country


Vistas wrap around like summer morning fog
immigrants and bohemians
the lights of Alameda
the bridge to the east
flanked by the bay
and two of the seven hills

We're only in San Francisco
but we see the Trevi Fountain everywhere

Rosemary Manno