Introducing the Artists

Lucia Gonnella

Classical House on 23rd St

(From The Quarantine Album) 2020

Watercolor and ink    7.5" x 11"
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House in Noe Valley

(From The Quarantine Album) 2020

Watercolor and ink   7.5”x11”

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Lucia Gonnella paints outdoors and tries to seize a moment of life on a canvas using acrylics, watercolors, black ink and oils in a vibrating and spontaneous sketching.


She was born in Bari, Italy where before long she showed this passion for painting and drawing but she had, at the same time, a different career as French and Italian teacher. She studied design, composition and nude at the Academy of Brera in Milan with Sabina Capraro and pottery at Cova School in Milan. She studied painting at the studio of Sergio Albano in Turin.


Lucia traveled extensively in Europe, Nepal and the United States. Teaching in Belgium for six years took her away from art. She travels between San Francisco and Italy, and Maui three different places and cultures that equally nurture her artist soul.


She found in North Beach an artist community who helped to develop and support her artist consciousness and work.


1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

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