Elizabeth Ashcroft - a statement of intent

Live Worms is far more than brick & mortar and four white walls – Live Worms is our heart. It’s more than a gallery, it’s a gathering place. It’s where we interact with each other, our neighbors and visitors from around the world - all drawn to this little corner of Bohemia in this little corner of the City. A place where we hang our souls up for display, speak our poetry, ponder our paintings, explain our collages, read from our books, share our ideas. Share of our selves.


Help us grab this opportunity to guide Live Worms into its next chapter – we don’t want to change the characters, just add some new ones! Not make it different, just better. And we have a core group of local creatives & neighbors who are dedicated to helping us make it happen.


One never knows what you’ll find when you pop your head into Live Worms Gallery – it might be a painting by our literary patriarch, 101 year old Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Or a group of students from the SF Art Institute.  Or an event celebrating Women’s Day. Or a small local crafts bazaar. Or a fundraiser for a local non-profit. Or a reading by our Poet Laureate Emeritus Jack Hirschman. Or Mauro ffortissimo of “Flower Piano” tickling the ivories on his piano. You may just find a quiet moment to reflect on the art, on yourself, on the world, or to engage in an insightful conversation with whomever you happen to encounter there. Live Worms is important, it’s special – and we want to keep the ethos of its Bohemian tradition alive and well for all of us.


We look forward to welcoming you when next you visit us at Live Worms Gallery!


Elizabeth Ashcroft is committed to leading the charge. She’s had her art studio & gallery in North Beach since 1996 and considers her role at Live Worms to be that of a ‘Working Artist/Caretaker’. She exhibits regularly in the Bay Area & beyond and is known locally for her North Beach Drawing series which fill her booth at the annual North Beach Festival. Elizabeth is also an Altered Book artist with work in national collections including the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. As a member of SF’s ARTSpan, Elizabeth will strive to bring artists from across the City into our community.

1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

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