Past 1st Fridays 2018

Carrington Arredonda & Mague Calanche

Isabel Koopman & Miriam Owen

Victoria Veedell & Jenny Wantuch

Andreas Katz & Walker Hollenbeck

Lucia Gonnella & Barbara Wyeth

Stephen Molnar

Tina Tarnoff & Darrell Allen Caraway

Jeffrey Thompson & Joan Stennick

Group Show

Julie Jaycox & Ren Lee

Agneta Falk, Ronald Sauer & Rebecca Peters

Mixed Media Collage

Mixed Media and Digital Imagery & Printmaking

Landscape Paintings

Photography and Painting & Mixed Media

Plein Air Paintings & Photography


Papercut Art & Plein Air Paintings

Mixed Media Paintings

Paintings, Mixed Media, Photography and Book Art

Photography and Glass & Clay Art

Paintings, Mixed media and Collage

Past 1st Fridays 2017

Dean Volker                                   

Maeve Daugharty & CJ Schake

Barbara Wyeth & Tisha Kenny

Benefit - Group Show

Darrell Caraway & Blaine Ellis

Joy Farrell & Lucia Gonnella

Rebecca Peters Ronald F Sauer

Joan Stennick

Roger Strobel & Tina Tarnoff

CJ Schake & Chandra R. Walker

Linda Pedersen & Maeve Daugarty

Paintings on silk,'plein air' sketches and more

Printmaking & Mixed Media Photography

Photography & Painting

Variety of media

Painting & Photography

Assemblage & Paintings

Mixed Media & Paintings

Mixed Media

Mixed Media & Paper Cutouts

Mixed Media & Photography

LinoCuts & Monoprints

Past 1st Fridays 2016

CJ Schake                     

George Auxier                   

Chandra R. Walker            

Richard Weinberg            

Carrington Arredondo      

Lynn Alcorn                       

Chandra R. Walker           

Justine Kessler                  

Jeffrey Thompson             

Agneta Falk Hirschman   

Elizabeth Ashcroft          

Group Show                     



“Trainscape”, a digital photograph series, Part I

Sculpture studies

Mixed media collage


“Trainscape”, a digital photograph series, Part II

Painting, collage, zines, taxidermy tableaux

Paintings and mixed media


Selection of her work, current and past

Showing by past first Friday artists 2016

1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

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