Introducing the Resident Artist

Elizabeth Ashcroft

She Turned Toward  the Sun


Elizabeth is a San Francisco artist with a studio in North Beach. Currently she is focusing her creative energies primarily on altered books. In addition, she has been working on an ongoing series of graphite drawings of North Beach cafes, restaurants, etc., which she features in a booth at the North Beach Festival every year.

Altered Books…….I enjoy word play, the combining of random & intentional acts of creativity, and both the beauty & the absurdities of life. I've found the literal board-paper-thread-glue-ink-word-story essence of the book offers a unique platform to cut into, build onto and burst out of in both two and three dimensional forms. The dual function of the book as a visual object as well as a conduit for ideas is a source of constant inspiration. As a whole, I refer to my ongoing altered books series as The Dissected Library.

Heart of Darkness & Light

Look With Your Words

North Beach Drawings…..I couldn’t have landed in a neighborhood more saturated with a blending of San Francisco history - from the Gold Rush days through the present, the mixing pot of immigrants, outcasts, sailors, writers, LGBT, artists, rock & roll, jazz, drag, comedians, topless dancers and tourists all butt up against the Financial District, Chinatown, Russian, Nob & Telegraph Hills, the Embarcadero and the Wharf creating a human “Cioppino” of cultural influences. Many businesses that make up the drawing series have been around for over50, 70 sometimes 100 years…the Italian American Athletic Club celebrates its 100th anniversary this year! Though I didn’t set out to document the neighborhood, with over 80 drawings so far, and so many places yet to draw, the series has taken on a life of it’s own.