A few words from the artist Andy Katz

"For me photography is to place head, heart and eye along the same line of sight…"

Henri Cartier-Bresson


Photography has been my passion for 40 years. My mother was a professional photographer and growing up we had a dark room in our basement where I learned to develop and print film at an early age. The camera transforms the way you see reality, what you emphasize and what you don't. I am drawn to unexpected symmetries, the interplay between light and shadow and geometric patterns, and the wonder and beauty inherent in my subjects. I continue to search for inspirational subjects in my travels worldwide and here at home in San Francisco. I am also greatly influenced by centers of creativity such as the San Francisco Art Institute where I have studied various aspects of photography over many years. As I continue to refine my artistic vision, the journey is the actual destination. 


1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

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